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Constant and reliable supplier of bespoke welding and fabricated products in Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel serving the entire of the UK from our centrally located facility


What we are best at

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CNC Laser Cutting

Our factory houses laser cutting machines with a cutting area of 3000mm x 1500mm. The laser cutter can cut a variety of materials including mild steel, aluminium, zintec steel, pre-galvanised steel and more.

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Press brake

Our CNC Hydraulic Press Brake can offer sheet metal bending to a wide range of dimensions. Adllen Services uses a range of V-shaped dies to achieve a variety of bend angles with different materials and thickness.

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Powder Coating

If you need powder coating services get in touch with us. Our facility has the capacity to powder coat items up to 4000mm x 1500mm in size and we ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality product.

Why Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Adllen Services For Your Project?

Do you want to purchase the best-galvanized steel and mild steel products? We are UK-based specialists in CNC laser cutting with a cutting area of 3000mm X 1500 mm. We use the best variety of laser cutting materials like mild steel, zinc steel, aluminum, and pre-galvanized steel. Ventilation slots, cutouts for electronic components, lamp holder cutouts for light fittings, and any other shape or feature can be punched out with our CNC machine. Our facilities can accommodate steel projects of any scale, from small-batch CNC-punched work to high-volume press work. We can accommodate every stage of the sheet metal production process, from the initial concept to the finished product. Why wait any longer to have us look at your sheet metal work needs and get you ahead of the competition?

Quick and Efficient CNC Laser Cutting

We have significantly invested in some of the most cutting-edge metal laser equipment. Our factory houses laser cutting machines that cut material up to 6mm in thickness. In order to get the most out of each steel material and increase productivity while decreasing costs, we employ cutting-edge computer programs.